Bowker's Book Analysis System™ Help Pages
Bowker's Book Analysis System™ Help Pages Bowker Book Analysis System™ (BBAS) This powerful collection-analysis tool is an essential resource for Academic Librarians to electronically compare their Libraries collection against Resources for College Libraries (RCL). This customizable, self-service, analysis tool eliminates tedious manual comparison via customized reports for data cleansing and management, and instant identification of the gaps and overlaps in your collection—so you can make better informed selection decisions. Bowker Book Analysis System is perfect for a librarian who is trying to determine the most appropriate books for their collection, and faces the difficult challenge on deciding where best to spend their money. BBAS can analyze your collections by subject in an efficient, cost-effective, time-saving manner. By leveraging the enriched data in, the Bowker Book Analysis System enables the most comprehensive look at your collection because your collection will be compared to all editions and formats of each title. Using four matching methods (ISBN, LCCN & Title & Author, Title & Author, or LCCN & Title), the comparison between your collection and the core list you choose, allows you to instantly recognize by subject area where the strengths and weaknesses lie in your collection. Depending on the core list selected, reports are grouped either by Dewey Decimal classification, LC classification or RCL taxonomy.